HS1T Series

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##PageTitle##-->Maximum locking force and compact packaging combined with the industry’s best strength-to-size ratio make this switch ideal for safeguarding machinery and equipment. 

Our new HS1T interlock switch provides safety, performance and cost advantages for equipment manufacturers, machinery builders, packaged system designers, robotics implementations and OEMs of all types. The device is suitable for many industries and can serve as the preferred model for many applications.

This interlock switch delivers an industry-leading 5000N of locking force and meets the requirements of ISO 14119:203 for Lock Monitoring where both the status of the position and the locking function of a protective door can be monitored through the lock monitoring contact. 

By using this interlock switch fewer on-board contacts are needed to achieve redundant safety circuits and additional monitoring circuits, reducing the amount of wiring on the device. Installers will also appreciate that the HS1T has multiple available cable entry ports, with faster and more reliable wiring connections made possible by spring clamp terminals. These connections offer excellent vibration resistance, prevent wires from loosening and never need tightening.