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Defence & Aerospace

Military Connector, Military Switch, Joystick, Relay, Circuit Breaker, EMI-EMC Shield

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Harsh Environment

Joystick, Switch, Switch Panel, Indicator, Sealed Connector

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Joystick, Switch, Indicator, Sealed Tact Switch, Industrial Connector, CMM Joystick

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Switch, Joystick, Tact Switch, DC-DC Converter, AC-DC Converter etc.

TS Series Thumbstick14.05.2018

TS Series Thumbstick - with LED backlighting style actuator and with a total current draw no greater than 16mA.
It is suited for wireless remote control applications where visibility is low and battery life are critical.

ATAKEL participated at IDEF 201709.05.2017

WE HAVE MOVED !!!01.07.2017

We have moved to our new bigger office to give better service to our customers and suppliers. 

CHOGORI waterprof USB and RJ45 Connectors are now in STOCK16.07.2014

Because of the demand of industrial market, ATAKEL started to keep USB and RF45 waterproof connector in their stock. ATAKEL continue to be your best connector solution partner.  

ATAKEL received APEM 2016 Distribution Excellence Award again :)20.04.2017

Our company has been chosen as the best distributor for NAO (New APEM Projects) for 2016 in 2016 at APEM Distributor Awards given by APEM.

ATAKEL participated at WIN EURASIA 201715.03.2017

Atakel Electronics participated at the WIN EUROSIA 2017 Fair ( with CHOGORI Connector.

Atakel Increased sales by 300% in 201615.01.2017

Our company, which started to distribute Electronics-Electromechanical Components in 2012, continued aggressive sales growth in 2016 as it was every year.

ATAKEL Sponsor of ITU Solar Car17.11.2016

ATAKEL decided to be a main sponsor of ITU Solar Car project. We are proud to be part of this project and I wish the whole team continued their success.

ATAKEL reached 1Million Euro Inventory01.09.2016

ATAKEL Elektronik increased its main warehouse stock, especially APEM products, over 1M Euro. You can access all of Joystick, Toggle Switch, Button and complementary accessories from our stocks. For further information, please contact your sales engineers.

ATAKEL received APEM 2015 Distribution Excellence Award03.02.2016

ATAKEL received APEM 2015 Distribution Excellence Award. This appreciation is not only based on sales results, but also on our responsiveness, knowhow, support, cooperation...

ATAKEL and LJV signed Distributorship Agreement01.11.2015

ATAKEL became the sole distributor of LJV ( ) in Turkey. LJV is an expert manufacturer of Potantiometer, Rotary switch and Encoders for automotive, medical, marine and industrial applications. 

ATAKEL and MATSUO signed Distributorship Agreement06.03.2015

ATAKEL became the sole distributor of MATSUO in Turkey. Japan based company MATSUO is an expert manufacturer of temperature sensors for medical, marine and industrial applications.

ATAKEL has Moved Office02.03.2015

Back in 2012, Atakel Electronic started with just a few employees. Over the years, our employee numbers have grown significantly, along with our clientele.
With this growth came the need for bigger office space. So, at the beginning of 2015, ATAKEL decided to move its headquarters to a more spacious unit on the 6th floor of the Brandium Office Tower. 

ATAKEL is now Turkey Distributor of NSI-BE Keyboards19.02.2015

ATAKEL and NSI signed distributorship agreement for Turkish market. Belgium based NSI is an expert manufacturer of Keyborad, trackball and custom switch panels.

Our new website for waterproof connectors, SUGEKO, has launched.09.09.2014

SUGEKO is an ATAKEL Electronics Group company. A young and dynamic distributor, SUGEKO, specializes on waterproof connector technologies and works with local stock.

ATAKEL launched FACEBOOK Page04.04.2014

ATAKEL launched  Facebook page which is include their projects, products and news. Pls follow us.

CHOGORI declare partnership with ATAKEL in Turkey.01.11.2013

ATAKEL became the sole distributor of CHOGORI ( ) in Turkey. CHOGORI is an expert manufacturer of waterproof connectors for defence, marine and industrial applications. 

ATAKEL announces expanded APEM joystick and switch inventory08.10.2013

Because of the demand of military and industrial market, we decided to expand our joystick and switch inventory. 

ATAKEL is the biggest joystick distributor in the Middle East!!!19.07.2013

ATAKEL recieved their Joystick order from APEM and became the largest stockin distributor for joysticks in the Middle East. 

APEM Senior Managers visited ATAKEL24.06.2013

APEM Vice President Jim Copper and Sales Manager Jean Julien Peria, visited ATAKEL Electronics. They visited major customers including Aselsan and OTOKAR with ATAKEL general manager Erkan Varol and conducted meetings with design engineers for the ongoing and new projects.

ISIC Displays declare partnership with ATAKEL.04.06.2013

ATAKEL became the sole distributor of ISIC Displays in Turkey. Danish-based company ISIC ( ) is an expert manufacturer of ruggedized computers and monitors for defence, marine and industrial applications. 

ATAKEL general director, Mr. Erkan Varol, visited APEM headquarters in Toulouse.01.03.2013

Atakel general manager, Mr. Erkan Varol, visited APEM headquarters in Toulouse (France). He participated in technical training on panel and PCB switches, joysticks and indicators. Mr. Varol also provided suggestions to the APEM design team for their products in development. 

ATAKEL participated at IDEF 2013.10.05.2013

Atakel Electronics participated at the 11th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF 2013) with four employees. Our team observed the cutting-edge products of the Turkish and international defense companies. We had the pride of seeing that the components, which we have distributed, were being used in many products. 

ATAKEL promoted its product portfolio at WIN 2013 and EUROPORT 2013.29.03.2013

ATAKEL Electronics continues to attend major industrial fairs to become a recognized distributor company in its interest areas.

Recently, World of Industry - Automation (WIN 2013) organized in Istanbul was attended by the ATAKEL team. WIN 2013 is the leading fair in high-growth ares of Automation, Electrotech, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Materials Handling. ATAKEL acquired contact information of many valuable potential customers at this fair.

In EUROPORT 2013 (12th Internationla Maritime Exhibition), ATAKEL members interacted with the representatives of Turkish maritime industry and suggested solution for human-machine interfaces. 

ATAKEL Sales Engineers visited APEM US Joystick Factories14.09.2015

Our sales engineers visited APEM VISTA factories in California for the 2015 season trainings and factory visits organized by APEM and received advanced training on all APEM product groups with their North American distributors.